Classic Inca Trail to Machu Pichu in 4 days open season 2024 & 2025

Inca Trail to Machupicchu

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Royal Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4D

Royal Inka Trail to Machupicchu 4D

Hiking the Inka Trail is one of a lifetime experiences, hiking the passage that the Incas walked

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Classic Sacred Salkantay Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 5 days

Salkantay Inka Trail to Machupicchu 5D

The Classic Salkantay Trek is best alternative to the traditional Inka Trail for reaching Machupicchu

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Sacred Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu in 4 days

Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu 4D

We can customize this trek just for you, any detail can be tailored. 100% guaranteed

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Royal Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2 days

Royal Short Inka Trail to Machupicchu 2D

The Short Inka Trail trek is often known as "the two day Inka Trail to Machupicchu".

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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the world's most popular tours, this road is full of beautiful landscapes, trails surrounded by mountains, cloud forests, etc. They are somewhat natural appeal of this road which was created by the Incas centuries ago, this path made of stones used it to reach the lost city of MachuPicchu.

Definitely a route that today remains a busy thoroughfare for tourists to reach one of the Wonders of the world modern "Machu Picchu".

These are some of our tours the hike to Machu Picchu most popular of which you can choose according to time and budget available.

Be sure to reserve a place on the Inka Trail tour to you as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of permits issued by the Peruvian government. There are only places for 500 people a day and only about 200 of these quotes are for hikers while it's rest is for the guides, cooks and porters.

During the high season (May to September) spaces are filled many times with 5 months in advance, if you want to make your journey through those dates reserve your space as soon as possible.

If you not could reserve a quota for the Inka Trail tour can always choose one of the alternatives as hiking path Choquequirao, or Lares, or Salkantay; all these paths are destined Machupicchu and each have a particular appeal to make them unique.

Join us and discover the wonderful tours we offer, we are authorized to walk different routes of trekking and others differents tours in Cusco and Perú. We wait for you!


We provide one cultural and one Equestrian Guide and his/ her assistant(s) for each group. In addition, groups of 6 or more guests are accompanied by a route doctor (depending on availability). Our guides are among the best in Peru (some have even won international awards!) and have on average at least 15 years of experience guiding in the mountains, not only in Peru but around the world. Many of them are considered pioneers in this area as well, having scouted many of the current routes in the country.

All Life Adventures Travel SAC guides have excellent language skills, and are highly trained in managing group dynamics. All guides undergo continuous medical and rescue training, with a certification in “Wilderness First Aid.” You will appreciate their knowledge of history and cultural traditions, local flora and fauna, as well as their great insight (and stories) that goes far beyond any guide or history book! Since these leaders have been guiding this particular ride for several years now, they have made friends in the local communities, thus allowing genuine and spontaneous encounters during the journey which often provide unforgettable experiences for our guests. In their hands, you will feel safe and well taken care of! In addition, the equestrian support team traveling with our group is trained to treat health issues and injuries of our horse pack.

Pre-Trek Briefing and Meet & Greet

We provide a pre-trekking briefing in Cusco on the evening prior to the start of the ride. The meeting is held in a central restaurant by the trip leader and all participants are requested to attend. The briefing consists of the following:

  • meet and greet” with the group and the lead guide
  • Review of the detailed itinerary and any last-minute changes
  • Confirmation of specific dietary and medical information of theparticipants
  • Address frequently asked questions (and answers)
  • Verify that participants have the necessary gear and equipment

Important Note: You will be receiving an invitation via email with the time and place of the briefing, including a map with directionsto the briefing. Please note that if your arrival into Cusco is delayed and you are unableto join your group for the transfer on Day 1 to the first basecamp, we can arrange private transfer for you to join the group at additional cost.

FAQ: Below you’ll find answers to some very common questions.

How high is the trail?

The trek begins at 2,800m (9,186 ft). The highest point you’ll reach on the trek is approximately 4,200m (13,780ft). You’ll also sleep at 3,600m (11,811 ft) for at least one night

How cold does it get?

It can get chilly due to the altitude. During the Andean winter (May – September) the temperature can drop below zero at night. It can be cool during the summer months too, so we suggest bringing thermal underwear and a warm sleeping bag.

What is the suggested amount that I should tip the guides and porters?

Tipping is at your discretion, but is always appreciated. If you enjoyed the service you enjoyed from your guides and porters, we suggest tipping between $6-8 dollars a day.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

To reserve a spot on the Inca Trail, we recommend you book your tour at least six months in advance during high season (May to October) and three months in advanced during low season (November to April).

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Brief Technical Trip Description

The trek consists of 4 days of moderate to strenuous trekking experience (plus 01 full day experience in Machupicchu,” extensions or extra days on request”) at elevations of 2,000m-4,600m (6,600-15,000ft) on diverse types of trails ranging from flat and grassy to steep and rocky slopes. The trail crosses nine different eco zones in five days, with the possibility of changing weather conditions.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advance. Beginners are recommended taking at least 6 hours of trekking lessons prior to arriving in Peru.

Age Limits: The recommended minimum age of participants is 12 years old. However, we may consider exceptions depending on experience and physical condition.